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Fujian "fairy" crafts debut in Los Angeles

Time:2017-08-15 Tour:606

March 21 to 26, "2017 World Timber Day" at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Los Angeles, USA. Xianyou County, Fujian Province, "Xianzuo" brand handicrafts for the first time out of the country, in the United States to show guests at home and abroad "fairy" elements, show Xianyou "Zhi made."

It is understood that "2017 World Wood Day" by the International Wood Culture Society, to "root" as the theme, by reviewing the different origins of mankind, culture and in modern society and the relationship between nature and explore the history of the process between man and wood Interaction. More than 100 countries and regions from around the world gathered together to participate in seminars, wood carvings, folk art workshops, music festivals, wood culture film festival, including a wealth of activities to create a cultural feast The

In addition, as a "2014 World Timber Day and the first International Wood Culture Festival," a return to the ceremony, "fairy" was invited to attend the wood culture event.

In recent years, "immortal" culture into the world more and more fast pace, the works repeatedly as a national gift to foreign heads of state, Beijing APEC and the Milan World Expo are "fairy" works show Chinese elements. In 2016, the "World Handicraft Council" awarded Xianyou "world Chinese classical furniture capital" honor, opened the "fairy" new legend.


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